We relive the 45th anniversary celebration of the Gabbiano Park Residence!

Last week we celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Gabbiano Park Residence.

Take a pleasant midsummer's evening, add a nice group of people all dressed in white, shake it all up with a party in the enchanting setting of the Gabbiano Park Residence... the end result was truly amazing!

As we already told you in this news, this year our residence celebrates its 45th anniversary, a prestigious milestone that fills us with pride and satisfaction. To mark the occasion, last week we organised a fantastic White Party in the beautiful gardens of the resort, the most elegant and longest-established structure in the Vacanze col Cuore group.

What can I say, the evening was really crazy! After a rich buffet dinner, the party was enriched by shows (including pyrotechnics!), entertainment and lots and lots of music. The young Dutch band Capital S, in fact, accompanied us for hours, making us jump, dance and have fun with some super addictive songs.

One of the most exciting moments of the evening was the prize-giving ceremony: the 45th anniversary of the Gabbiano Park Residence was in fact an opportunity to pay homage to some of the historical protagonists of the large Vacanze col Cuore family.